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Weekly Challenge #59 is to tangle “Mardi Gras”. The most difficult part of this week was to find a mask form I liked. I ended up combining the form of two different ones I found in the web. As I am still fairly new to tangling I decided to choose the tangles based on their name forming the two words “Mardi Gras” in the end. I actually tried coloring the mask but ended up hating it and redoing it in black and white.

This weeks challenges falls right into the end of Carnival season which is extremely important here in Cologne. The season officially starts on 11th November each ear being finalised with 6 days of street Carnival starting on a

  • Thursday also called Women’s Carnival Day (it’s an extremely huge street party and men get their ties cut of), followed by
  • Carnival Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On
  • Rose-Monday we have a huge parade and finally on
  • Violet-Tuesday the “Nubbel” is burnt. This is a big doll representing all sins one committed during the carnival season which is also called fifth season. So while we are burning the Nubbel, New Orleans is having Mardi Gras. šŸ™‚
  • After this on Ash-Wednesday the Lenten-season offically starts.

Thanks Diva for another intresting challenge!