I’ve been putting some more thought into how language influences us and I donno but I do believe that it actually influences our perception of the world.

Already some years ago I stumbled about some websites concerning wicca. The internet is a wondrous thing. Anyway, wiccans basically base their world view on the Goddess (associated with the moon) and her consort (the sun).

I had a hard time to get my mind around that concept. I mean, the sun is female and the moon is male, isn’t it?! Why would anyone associate a female deity with the male moon? Well, I did a little more googling and voilá most Germanic languages define the sun as female and the moon as male. In Romanic languages the sun is male and the moon is female. It’s completely the opposite.

This is just a small example but terrific I believe to prove my point. Language influences our perception of the world.